Zhu Cha

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[djoo cha]          Gunpowder Tea

Known as “pearl” or “bead” tea in China, this classic variety is widely known as “gunpowder” tea in the West because its appearance is similar to cannon gunpowder. The tea is distinctively shaped into small, tightly rolled balls with a dark sheen that hints at its volatile quality. Tea-crafters in the Zhejiang province carefully dry the leaves in metal pans that are shaken in circular motions over a fire. The finished product yields the famous smoky flavor and aroma that makes this variety so dangerously delicious. This hearty green is the perfect accompaniment to a meal, as the vigor of its taste is not likely to be defeated.

Zhu Cha is sold for $5.00 / oz or in a 125g box for $12.00 (boxes are on clearance, all sales final).