About Dobra Tea in Pittsburgh

Hello friends and guests. We would like to welcome you to Dobra Tea Pittsburgh!

At Dobrá Tea, we provide a clean, comfortable, meditative environment to enjoy tea, along with great knowledge of this modest plant. Our tea is served in traditional vessels from the country of origin or in handmade pottery of traditional style when possible.  It is our goal to serve teas in traditional ways, without sugar or milk in many cases, and to only sell teas that meet or exceed strict EU standards for pesticide residues.

The multicultural atmosphere of our Bohemian-style tearoom is sure to have something for everyone.  We aspire to create a space somewhere between a bar and a church: a place for relaxation and community.  It is our hope that every one of our guests experiences the relaxation and community that we feel serving tea every day.

We believe that tea drinking is part of a healthy lifestyle. Imbibed by monks as a meditative beverage, tea imparts serenity and clarity to the drinker. It is conducive to self-reflection, critical thinking, and creativity. Thus, we believe that drinking tea is itself a life experience.

Please join us for a relaxing cup of tea. Our humble devotees are happy to be of service!


Welcome to our tearoom!
Nathaniel Pantalone (owner)