Qing Tuo Cha

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[ching too-oh cha]          Green Pu'er Tea 

One of the simplest teas in terms of production, “green pu’er,” which is dried in the sun then pressed into nests, offers a smoky caramel, slightly astringent and milky feeling distinguishable from any other tea. This sheng pu'er variety includes a touch of wild tea, harvested from Yunnan’s many ecologically diverse forests. The Xishuangbanna jungles of Southern Yunnan are especially renowned for their impressive variety of flora and fauna, including many ancient Camellia sinensis trees. Our superior green or “raw” pu’er is a combination of wild tea and cultivated tea. One can taste in each cup the earthy, herbal tones of wild tea, and is a wonderful companion to a cold evening or breezy morning just when the leaves are starting to appear on the trees. Perhaps, if lucky, one might even catch the aroma of the Xishuangbanna hills at sunrise or the feeling of seeing The King of Tea Trees, standing proud at 1700 years old, deep in the Yunnan jungles.

Qing Tuo Cha is sold in a 100g nest for $20.00.