Putuo Fo Cha

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[Pu-tw-oh foe cha]          Buddha's Tea

One of the five most celebrated teas of China, Putuo Cha is a light, flowery green tea. A quiet strength arises out of these tiny, lustrous leaves, calling to mind the focused aromas of the meditation hall accompanied by scents of fresh spring vegetables and berries.

The 2500 year old tradition of cultivating gourmet tea on the Putuo Island guarantees that this particular tea, grown in the gardens of the Buddhist monastery and processed only by hand, will always be of superior quality. On the island’s shore, a magnificent statue of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin stares out to sea, while the foamy air and the colors of the sky swirl around her. This tea is perfect for observing the world with steady, loving compassion.

Putuo Fo Cha is sold in a 30-gram box for $20.00.