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Matcha is a first class type of powdered, extra-fine ground tea that is used for the Japanese tea ceremony, Chanoyu, during which the tea is whisked with a bamboo tool called a chasen, in a handcrafted bowl called a chawan. Quality Matcha is always a pea-green, extra-fine powder with a distinctive, grassy aroma. The foamy infusion is fresh and deep green with an unforgettable, intense taste. Its health benefits are endless! We recommend that it be enjoyed after dessert or with a Japanese sweet, but never drink it on an empty stomach!

Matcha is available in three distinct certified organic grades coming to us from Uji, Japan.

Matcha Natural is our base grade here at Dobra, and is the peer of the higher quality matcha typically served in the US. Matcha Natural is a great choice for those just starting to experience matcha or who are blending it to accentuate other flavors. Matcha Natural is sold in 50g packets for $18.00 or in a single serving "Mini" sample for $2.00.

Matcha Kyoto is our middle grade and is a superb standalone matcha. It is perfect for matcha drinkers looking to broaden their palates. Matcha Kyoto is sold in 30g tins for $25.00.

Matcha Usucha is the pinnacle of our matcha offerings. It is preferred by experienced matcha drinkers and without a doubt will sweep you off your feet! Matcha Usucha is sold in 30g tins for $55.00 and may look different than the photo.