Masala Tea

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Masala Tea boxes come with pre-portioned mixtures of everything you need to make your favorite Dobra chai at home - great with warmed milk and a dash of sugar or honey! Our blend of spices blends classic chai flavors with a bit of eastern flare, a combination that's sure to set your taste-buds dancing regardless of the variant you choose. The infusion has a strong fragrant aroma and euphoric effects.


Organic - Our Certified Organic classic that's sure to please even the most experienced tea drinkers. Top with a dusting of fresh-ground cardamom to bring it over-the-top!

Punjab - Not sure where your fresh cardamom grinder disappeared to? We've got your back - our Certified Organic classic with cardamom added brings a level of complexity to the chai that cannot be missed.

Bengal - Our Certified Organic classic with white and black peppercorns added to give the blend a little kick. Great for early mornings or long nights.

Kerala - Our Certified Organic classic with Mint Nana added. The mint soothes and complements the masala flavors, giving it a warm and loving twist with an air of sophistication. A house favorite!


All Masala Tea boxes are sold in 3.5 oz packages for $10.00 each.