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[Goi-kew-ro]          Jade Dew

An excellent, very distinguished organic Japanese green tea, its delicious taste and fresh grassy scent of spring offer a touch of heaven in your cup. This tea is one of the most valued products of the Nippon Islands. It is picked by hand near the city of Uji in specially shaded fields and guarantees a rare experience, enhanced by an original method of preparation. Dark green, flat, subtle leaves of uniform size give a fresh aroma and a characteristically bold taste. Gyokuro tea is much prized as the “champagne of green teas,” denoting its high value, delicacy, and renown. It is usual to make several infusions from the same leaves, allowing the superior quality of this tea to be fully enjoyed.

Drink this tea in the spring to experience a plate of fresh-picked vegetables.

Gyokuro is sold in a 50g packet for $28.00.