Black Tea Starter Kit

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Looking to get into loose-leaf black tea, but you don't know where to start?  Try our Black Tea Starter Kit!  Our simple Starter Kit Includes:

1 Ali Baba pot

2 Cups

1 package of black tea (Ceylon Adam's Peak)

Perfect for one or two persons!  Great as a pot to use while working, studying, reading, or relaxing!  Make several cups of tea at one time with the Ali Baba pot, and it can be used with teas not included in the kit.  Also makes a great gift! (Even for yourself!)

Recommended usage and brewing instructions are included!

What is differentiates black tea from other types of tea?

Black Tea is a fully oxidized style of tea that loses the vegetal taste of the fresh leaf.  As the leaf is oxidized and dried, it develops a range of flavors from tannic to fruity to chocolatey to brassy.

About our Ali Baba Pot

These ceramic pots are created especially for Dobrá Tea by our friend Mr. Fortel in Prague, CZ.  We enjoy using them for Black Tea, but they can also be used for Herbal Teas.