Bi Luo Chun

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[bee loh chun]       Lake Taihu Blue-Green Spirals

Joy at Dobrá Tea! Bi Lou Chun is a Chinese green tea made exclusively by hand in Dong Shan, on the gently sloping banks of Lake Tai. In 2006, on our trip to the Jiangsu province, we discovered that many of the residents of this area pick and process the tea in their own homes, ensuring that the tea is kept fresh in small, well-tended batches. Hanging over the tiny-leafed tea plants are fruiting trees: peach, apricot, and plum. They bloom as the plants reach their fullness, all in a tumult of wonderful smells reproduced by the sparkling infusion.

When gently brewed, the tea blossoms with a ripe, slightly astringent taste that is softly herbal and gracefully rich. This Chinese green tea presents with just a hint of oceanic spray and finishes with sweet notes of hazelnuts inhaled alongside fine aged oak barrels. As the wild spirals of these silvery and dark green leaves unfurl dynamically in the teapot, a tender ecstasy of flavor arises. This green tea is not to be missed!

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