Bao Zhong (Annual Fourth)

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Our "annual fourth." Part of our rotating supply of Taiwanese Oolong teas, the type changes every year.  This year we are featuring...

Bao Zhong
Floral Oolong

Mild, floral spring oolong, Bao Zhong, marks the first harvests of the tea season each year. Bao Zhong's soothing fragrance is underscored by a mild natural sweetness.

From the Pingling Gardens in Taiwan, this fine, lightly oxidized oolong is characterized by long, thin leaves.  After a very short oxidation, it is wrapped in cotton fabric and dried by roasting.  A comforting tea with a crisp, golden infusion and fresh green taste, it is appropriate for drinking as a storm dies away.

Our Annual Fourth is sold in a 50g packet for $25.00.