Bai Ya Bing Cha

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[bye ya bing cha]          White Pu'er

White pu'er teas are known for their smooth, inviting, and slightly sweet flavor. White pu’er is “raw” like green pu’er, but mostly tips are used to make it, and the leaves are not allowed to wither as long as for green pu’er. Processed in the traditional sheng way, this tea has a flavor that is more earthy than our Bai Mu Dan white tea, with a walnut-shell flavor reminiscent of a Darjeeling. These elements give our Yunnan processed Bai Ya Bing Cha the warm familiarity of a campfire on a berry-covered riverbank. We recommend to you this heart-warming addition to our menu.

Bai Ya Bing Cha is sold in a 200g disk for $30.00.


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