Best Black Teas

Black teas are actually known as "Red Tea" or Hong Cha in China. They are fully oxidized which brings out caramel, chocolate, and tannic flavors more boldly than in other types of tea. After picking, the leaves are layed out and allowed to wither for a long period of time. They are then rolled and allowed to oxidize and dry further before being heated to remove any remaining moisture. As a category, black teas can include a wide variety of flavors such as: malty, dry, smoky, spicy, sweet, muscatel, floral, earthy, and fruity.

Black tea leaves come from two different varieties of tea plant: Sinensis and Assamica. Sinensis is used in Chinese teas as well as in Highland India and Nepal. Sinensis leaves are smaller and more delicate, whereas Assamica leaves (produced in Lowland India, Sri Lanka, and all other regions) are broader and more robust. Some of our black teas have been aromatized, flavored with oil after the drying stage to give a unique drinking experience.