Dhara White

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Dhara Thai white tea is perhaps the most important tea in our commitment to sustainable farming and biodiversity. This tea is collected in the wild jungle in northern Thailand. The original wild tea plants, Assamica variety, grow directly among other wild vegetation, and local farmers from the mountainous tribal villages collect the leaves while taking great care to preserve the original undisturbed habitat. It is produced by the family business Chiang Mai, who also operate their own tearoom.

Dhara is a completely unique tea, that harnesses the brilliance of black tea but allows the true character of the leaf to shine through. It conveys a sense of fresh spring raindrops on garden leaves and coats the tongue with a light honeyed sweetness. Dhara is a great introductory white tea for those just starting to explore this category.

Dhara is sold in a 40g packet for $22.00.

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