Sa Bang - Mao Cha

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[sa bong]

Lao Mao Cha is harvested by Laotian hill tribe members of the Mung tradition; this rare, handpicked, wildcrafted leaf is harvested year-round from wild tea trees over 800 years old. It is oxidized in the sun, and then pressed into stalks of bamboo by the village people. After drying in the sun, the sheng tea is then tied together from shavings of bamboo to create a “cigar” shape and is often traded to nearby villages for vegetables and grain. 

The hearty flavor starts strong and smoky, but finishes light and bitter. With a smell and taste that elicits ripping open a bag of topsoil, this tea is great to remind you of your connection to the earth and the nature around you.

Sa Bang is sold in an approximately 90g 'cigar' for $30.00.

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