Tea Starter Kit

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Looking to get into loose-leaf tea, but you don't know where to start?  Try our Tea Starter Kit!  Our simple Starter Kit Includes:

1 Gaiwan (lid, bowl, and saucer)

1 Cup

1 Ounce of tea

Perfect for one person!  Great as a small pot to use while working, studying, reading, or relaxing!  The gaiwan is the perfect vessel for almost any loose-leaf tea, and it can be used with teas not included in the kit.  Also makes a great gift! (Even for yourself!)

Your choice of Green Tea (Long Jing aka. Dragonwell), Oolong Tea (Tie Guan Yin Jade aka. Iron Goddess), or White Tea (Yin Zhen aka. Silver Needles).  Recommended usage and brewing instructions are included!

What is the difference between each type of tea?

Green Tea is an unoxidized style of tea that retains the vegetal taste of the fresh leaf.  White Tea is a lightly oxidized style of tea that is left to wither in the shade or partial shade; it has a mild, soothing character.  Oolong Tea is a partially oxidized style of tea; its exact processing and style can vary widely like its flavor.  This oolong is a lighter, rolled variety.

What is a Gaiwan?

The Gaiwan is a traditional Chinese ceramic vessel for preparing tea.  It can be used without a cup, but many people prefer to use one with a cup.  The saucer can be used to hold the gaiwan while it's hot, while the lid keeps the liquid warm while loose leaves brew happily inside!

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