Dian Lu Wenshan

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[dee-an loo when-shahn]          Remembering the Tea King

A remarkable, fresh green tea produced in the famous tea province of Yunnan. No other tea is comparable to this sparkling, pale green infusion, which offers unique and inimitable delights of taste and aroma. Breathing in Dian Lu Wenshan feels like a trip to an old growth forest, and each sip carries the sharpness of the sun's rays piercing through the leafy foliage as you walk along the path.

It is cultivated at high altitude, with long, silver, downy-tipped leaves (mao feng) firmly rolled lengthwise. This tea promotes health and has a mild euphoric effect.

Dian Lu Wenshan is sold for $9.00 / oz.


Remembering the Tea King
In China, the cradle of tea culture, there is a part of Yunnan known as Xishuangbanna [see-shuang-ban-nah] that lies practically on the border with Burma. It is here that the king of tea trees, Cha-Shu Wang, stands at a proud 100 feet in the heart of the jungle. Cha-Shu Wang is an honorable 1,700 years old and is a site treasured by all tea enthusiasts.

This tea gets its name from a trip that Dobrá founders took in 1997 to visit the ancient tree. All agree, Dian Lu Wenshan calls back memories of this landmark and its importance in Dobrá history. 

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