Qi Hong Mao Feng

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[key hong mao fahng]          Keemun Downy Tips

Qimen (sometimes spelled Keemun), “Great Gate,” refers to the town and district of the same name in the Anhui province, where this tea is cultivated near the Yangtse River and served in town as a welcome for dignitaries. Only the young hairy buds (mao feng) of the tea plant are used, turning sienna-colored and wiry when processed and strong enough for two infusions. The vermilion waters bring a contemplative taste, recalling semi-sweet chocolate and roasted chestnuts to the infusion. Drink this as dessert tea after a good meal or allow the smooth aroma to awaken the mind at breakfast. Perfect for mind-opening, heart-opening, or any occasion of clarity and liberation.

Qi Hong Mao Feng is sold for $8.00 / oz.

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