Darjeeling First Flush (Spring)

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In the harsh mountain climate of the Himalayas, in the Darjeeling area, the first spring tea harvest takes place from March to the end of April and is called the First Flush. The tea produced from this harvest is valued for its unique, flowery aroma, as well as leaves that are particularly green for a black tea.

Its supple quality is rapidly lost within a few months of storage making it very important that the First Flush Darjeeling be fresh. We buy our first flush directly from Calcutta and have it shipped by air. This means that we can guarantee the freshness of the tea in your cup. It is available only while the fresh stock lasts. A delicacy among tea lovers, the scent and flavor of it remind one of a walk in a rainy flower garden.

This is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a softer alternative to our more robust black teas. First Flush Darjeeling sits lightly on the tongue and spirit while carrying a degree of flavor depth customary to black teas.

Our 2023 First Flush comes to us from the Giddapahar estate.

Darjeeling First Flush is sold for $8.00 / oz.

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