Nok Cha

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[nohk cha]

This top quality organic green tea, unparalleled in excellence for taste and growing practices, has been awarded Gold and Gold Grand Prize by Japan’s World Green Tea Contest many years in a row. Grown on the Jirisan mountain range on the southern Korean coast, this light infusion conceals a brilliant complexity of flavor on the boundary between Chinese and Japanese teas. The leaves are gently pan-roasted to seal in their freshness, hand rolled, and then baked at low temperatures to complete the drying process. This process offers a rich flavor with a bready, nut-like complexity. We serve the small size of this tea in a traditional tea vessel from Korea. Due to the small size of this farm and its produce, Dobrá Tea is honored to be the sole retailer of this tea in the United States, and one of a very small number in the rest of the world.

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