Red Oolong (Annual Forth)

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Our "annual fourth." Part of our rotating supply of Taiwanese Oolong teas, the type changes every year.  This year we are featuring...

La-La Shan Red Oolong
Red Oolong

Extended oxidation is responsible for the color of this Taiwanese red oolong grew from the Taitung region. Taitung has favorable weather for growing tea, but it has been overshadowed by the high-mountain regions of Taiwan (and their teas). The experimental art of tea processing is thriving there, and from this we are blessed with red oolong. This rolled tea is the most oxidized of all the Taiwanese oolongs, resulting in a deep honey aroma and rich flavor akin to Oriental Beauty and Dan Cong.

Our Annual Fourth is sold in a 50g packet for $25.00.

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